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(Desde el año 1991 – Since 1991)




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Kaipan came into being as a small workshop in 1991 with the aim of building a few replica cars for friends. The Lotus Seven served as the original model. Although the original idea was to import Lotus Seven replicas from abroad, it was gradually transformed into development and production of the company’s own versions of original designs. The first prototype was introduced in the autumn of 1992 but additional years of development and tests ensued. Development was completed in 1997 and KAIPAN_47 model was approved for series production and road operation. Production was then gradually expanded to the current capacity of 100 -150 vehicles per year. The present manufacturing programme consists of models KAIPAN_57 (introduced in 2002), KAIPAN_47 (2007) and KAIPAN_15, which entered production in 2008. Seventy KAIPAN_14s were made and developed into brick-boxes in 2008.


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Besides the Czech Republic, KAIPAN_14s were also exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Fifteen KAIPAN_57s were produced in 2008. Kaipan has expanded its production facilities and hired and trained new employees. A further increase in production in following years is expected. A new model is also being tested.
At present Kaipan is a stabile company with sufficient experience that combines the
advantages of a small production plant with the possibilities of rapid flexibility.


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