Basado en Chevrolet Camaro – Ferrari Testarossa –  Honda – Lamborghini y Pontiac Fiero






Producción / Production:

(1989 – 2007)

K-1 Styling & Tuning; (Slovakia-Eslovaquia)

K-1 Engineering s.r.o.; Bratislava; (Slovakia-Eslovaquia)


Modelos / Models:

Evoluzione I

Evoluzione II





Construction Kit EVOLUZIONE is a project of K-1 Styling & Tuning. It is not a replica but an original car, which consists also of a dashboard in order to make the identification of the original (donor) car as difficult as possible.

It is built on the 1982-92 “F body” General Motors CAMARO/FIREBIRD platform which is mainly thanks to the longstanding technical stability and good accessibility of the donor car in America. The kit can be used for any of the following cars: Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, or possibly Firebird TranzAm manufactured between 1982 and 1992. EVO I is an original Concept and EVO II is a facelift design.

A set of the fiber-glass parts are installed directly on the body. This is a so called “RE-SKIN”.



Foto: k1-Evoluzione


Some body parts are removed and replaced with fiber glass parts. The rear is glued onto the original body. Front, rear, doors, side skirts, rear view mirrors – in fact everything is altered. The roof is the only original part in the car. This makes EVOLUZIONE approximately 150 kg lighter than the original.

The main goal has been to achieve an original design which would retain the shape of the car so that there is a noticeable resemblance with Ferrari. Exceptional emphasis has been placed on details. For example headlights have been completely rebuilt and newly fitted into bumpers. Evoluzione is a unique combination of the American longstanding stability and the European styling school.


Fuente/Source: Web http://www.b-racing.cz



Foto: k1-Evoluzione












Foto: K1 -attack











Foto: K1-attack










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