Eagle E-Types


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Eagle E-Types

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(Desde el año 2009/ Since 2009); Eagle E Types; Uckfield, East Sussex; United Kingdom


The Story of the Eagle E-type (Source/Fuente: Web http://www.eaglegb.com)



In 1961, E-Type Jaguars were the most exciting and stunningly fast sports cars imaginable. And 50 years later, that can still hold true.
Since 1982, we’ve worked with a single focus to restore, improve, enhance and further develop Jaguar’s masterpiece into a sports car that can more than hold its own with the current generation of ‘supercars’. Once driven, you will understand why this car was a sensation in the early 1960s and why it still causes a sensation today.
The Head of the Heritage Department at Jaguar summed up Eagle in 2001, at the launch dinner of the factory tour to Geneva.


Eagle E-Types

Foto: Eagle E- Types







He explained that had Jaguar kept the E-Type in production, Eagle’s 21st century specification and restorations of original examples represented how he felt the car would have evolved, with the benefit of modern technological improvements: “The concept follows the theory that if an original E-Type was returned to us here at Jaguar, for a ‘zero mileage’ overhaul, and we could incorporate the natural improvements evolved over time, then Eagle’s version is what would probably come back out the factory gates.”

At Eagle we offer an immense range of possibilities that extend far beyond the selection of body colour, shade of hide, sound systems and cabin detailing – we offer many proprietary options that are generated through our continuous programme of research. These can include our sequential fuel injection system, 4.7 litre aluminium XK engine and even an aluminium differential.


Eagle E-Types

Foto: Eagle E-Types







To ensure total customer satisfaction we always work in close partnership with our clients. This personal relationship ensures that you can select a car that is as finely tuned to your personal taste and driving style as possible – including anything from an exact duplication of the car’s specification on the day it first left the Jaguar factory, to a car which is more than a match for the ‘supercars’ of today.

However, we take great care only to make modifications that enhance – and never dilute – the unique spirit of the original.





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